“I’d Like To Get In To Ice Sailing”

Michael Dunston and FIER on Canyon Ferry in Montana, the first DN to be registered with the Sydney (Australia) Royal Yacht Squadron. 

In November 2021, Australian sailor Michael Dunston emailed me about continuing his ice sailing journey, which had begun in the Netherlands in the previous winter.

I’m from Sydney, Australia. I have grown up sailing all my life. I tried ice sailing on a DN for the first and only time last winter opportunistically in the Netherlands, and I loved it. This year I moved with my family to Bozeman, MT, which is where my wife grew up. I would like to find a way to do more ice sailing!

If there was an inexpensive, entry-level ice boat (a DN, or similar), then I would be interested to buy. Naturally, it would also be great to connect with some like-minded folks. Is there a club or a group that sail on Canyon Ferry MT that I could connect with?
Michael Dunstan

Michael is one lucky sailor, having been in the Netherlands 2021, the birthplace of our sport, for their few days of ice sailing, then landing at Canyon Ferry, a place of legendary North American ice.

I forwarded Michael’s email to Canyon Ferry iceboaters Dale Livesey and Dave Gluek, who welcomed him into the community and pushed him off the line.

I wanted to update you on Michael Dunstan, the Australian sailor. He’s an awesome guy and a good addition to our fleet. He purchased Dale Livezey’s DN and is a quick learner. He has been fun to sail with. Mike’s Dad is visiting Mike this week, and we sailed a Nite in big wind the other day. Both of them are accomplished sailors! Thank you for introducing us.
Dave Gluek US5526

Michael’s mother, Judy, wrote an article about their visit to Big Sky & Ice country for their yacht club’s newsletter, the historic Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron. In addition to receiving a British empire Royal charter in 1862 and challenging for the America’s Cup in 1962, the RSYS has added Michael’s DN to their Squadron Yacht register in 2022.

Welcome to the fastest sailing on the planet, Michael! Hard Water Sailing by Judy Dunston. Read it here.

IDNIYRA Technical Committee News: First Online Meeting Held

Via IDNIYRA Technical Committee Member Tomek Zakrzewski P55

Short update:

This week, we held first ever online meeting of DN Technical Committee. It was a great opening of new TC setup.

TC has recognized great effort of Warren Nethercote who offered thoughts on revised class specifications. We will take it as a starting point to deliver ballot proposals section by section by early October 2022. The goal is to make rules more clear and reader friendly and eliminate obvious confusions.

TC will appreciate any valuable input from class members.

Stay tuned for more news from TC.

Runner Tracks May 2022

Runner Tracks

May 2022

The Online Magazine of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association

The season-finale Runner Tracks newsletter is on your virtual doorstep. Many thanks to our advertisers who help bring Runner Tracks to you, to  contributors, David Frost, Ron Sherry, and Warren Nethercote, and to photographers Gretchen Dorian and Anna Pataki.

Flipbook Magazine
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  • Proposed Revised Specifications for Sections C,D,F, & H
  • Commodore’s Column
  • It’s A Long Way To Go… By David Frost US5358
  • U.S. Nationals Report by Ron Sherry US44
  • Regatta Results

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New Eastern Region Commodore

We are pleased to announce the appointment of James “T.” Thieler US5224, as Eastern Region Rear Commodore, effective immediately. T replaces Chad Atkins who has held the position for several years. Thank you, Chad, for your service to the DN class.
IDNIYRA Commodore Jody Kjoller

Results of 2022 IDNIYRA Officer & TC Election

Link to results.


Past Commodore

The results have been tabulated in the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association Election of 2022-2023 IDNIYRA Officers and one Technical Committee member.

The proposed slate of officers and Technical Committee member have been elected. 49% of those eligible voted -114 ballots submitted of 231 eligible voters.
[Note: The Past Commodore ballot was sent separately. 29% of those eligible voted. 67 ballots submitted of 231 eligible voters.]

Commodore: Jody Kjoller:
Yes – I approve the candidate: 106 votes (99.1%)
No – I reject the candidate: 1 vote (0.9%)
Yes – I approve the candidate wins with 99.1% of the vote.
Votes tallied: 107
Abstentions: 7

Vice Commodore: David Frost:
Yes – I approve the candidate: 111 votes (100.0%)
No – I reject the candidate: 0 votes (0%)
Yes – I approve the candidate wins with 100.0% of the vote.
Votes tallied: 111
Abstentions: 3

Secretary: Deb Whitehorse:
Yes – I approve the candidate: 114 votes (100.0%)
No – I reject the candidate: 0 votes (0%)
Yes – I approve the candidate wins with 100.0% of the vote.
Votes tallied: 114
Abstentions: 0

Treasurer: Deb Whitehorse:
Yes – I approve the candidate: 113 votes (100.0%)
No – I reject the candidate: 0 votes (0%)
Yes – I approve the candidate wins with 100.0% of the vote.
Votes tallied: 113
Abstentions: 1

Past Commodore: Bob Cummins:
Yes – I approve the candidate: 65 votes (98.5%)
No – I reject the candidate: 0 votes (0%)
Kent Baker: 1 vote (1.5%)
Yes – I approve the candidate wins with 98.5% of the vote.
Votes tallied: 66
Abstentions: 1

Technical Committee Jeff Kent
Yes – I approve the candidate: 108 votes (98.2%)
No – I reject the candidate: 1 vote (0.9%)
Warren Nethercote: 1 vote (0.9%)
Yes – I approve the candidate wins with 98.2% of the vote.
Votes tallied: 110
Abstentions: 4

Notice of Electronic Ballot for 2022 IDNIYRA Elections

Photo: Catherine E. Firmbach

In a few days, you will be receiving an electronic ballot via email from the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association. We have sent an email to confirm that your email address is correct. If you did receive the email, there’s no need to reply. If you have not received the email from the IDNIYRA, please check your spam folder. If it’s not in the spam folder, please email to to let us know.

In the coming days, please watch your inbox for the invitation to vote email so that you can vote. The ballot offers candidates for five positions: Jody Kjoller for Commodore, David Frost for Vice Commodore, Robert Cummins for Past Commodore, and Deb Whitehorse for Secretary and Treasurer. Jeff Kent is up for a six year term on the Technical Committee*.  A simple majority is required for election and write-in candidates are allowed. As allowed by the IDNIYRA Constitution, the same candidate is offering for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer. The Governing Committee has found this practice to be quite effective for the management of IDNIYRA.

From the Established Procedure of Iceboat Competition (EPIC) Agreement
The DN Class Technical Committee (TC) shall consist of six members, three elected from North America and three elected from Europe. TC members shall be elected according to the respective Continental Governing Documents (CGD). One member will be elected every year, alternating between continents. North American members will be elected in even years and European members in odd years. The term of office is six years. Term of office will begin July 1, and expire June 30 of the appropriate year. Each year the TC shall elect from its membership a chairperson to serve until June 30 of the following year. All decisions of the TC require 2/3 majority vote of all members. Upon resignation prior to six years, a replacement member will be elected by the respective CGG to complete the unexpired term.

2023 DN World Championship & Major Regatta Dates Announced

Sean R Heavey: 2022 DN US Nationals &emdash; Heavey__1263923-Pano
Almost 50 years ago, in 1973, DN sailors from around the world gathered for the first IDNIYRA World Championship at Gull Lake, in Michigan U.S.A.

During the next two seasons, IDNIYRA North America and IDNIYRA Europe will each take the opportunity to honor 50 years of international competition. In January 2023, DN North America will kick off the celebration by commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first World Championships. DN Europe will continue the 50th-anniversary theme when it hosts the actual 50th running of the World Championship in 2024.

Join the celebration by attending the IDNIYRA World Championship which is scheduled for January 21-28, 2023, in the Western Region of North America. Regatta details will be posted at


World Championship and North American Championship:

January 21 – 28, 2023
Host Region: North American Western Lakes (MN, WI, IA, IL, UP of MI, IN)

European Championship
February 18-25, 2023

Junior DN & Ice Optimist World & European Championship
March 4-10, 2023

2022 Central Region Championship Scheduled for December

Sean R Heavey: 2022 DN US Nationals &emdash; Heavey__A733306

The Central Lakes Regatta has been postponed until December 2022. Be sure to put those runners away sharp and be ready to go early because we will have the 2022 Central Regatta in December.

Enjoy your summer and see everyone in December.

IDNIYRA Central Lakes Rear Commodore Oskar Svensson – the 18 year old future of Ice Yachting

Mike Madge interviews Oskar Svensson, the 18-year-old Swedish sailor who has had an incredible season, including third in the 2021 Swedish Championship, third in the Worlds, first at the Finnish Championships, and first at the DN Junior Worlds and European Championships. Oskar joined Poland’s Michal Burczynski as the youngest sailors to have a podium finish at the DN World Championship, while Lukasz Zakrzewski was 21 years old for his first podium finish. Watch on Youtube.


The DN is most popular iceboat in the world. Whether you are a racer or cruiser, your $25 membership in the IDNIYRA helps to promote the art and skill of DN ice yacht construction and the sport of ice yachting on all the hard waters of the world.

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